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          Home>Enterprise dynamics>SUNYILG 2017 Munich Shanghai electronic exhibition was a complete success

          SUNYILG 2017 Munich Shanghai electronic exhibition was a complete success

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          In March 16th, the sixteenth Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair closed in Shanghai. As the leading electronics industry in Asia, it attracted more than 1200 exhibitors from 20 countries

          The 31 light environment

          The 31 light has gone through the two session of the Munich exhibition, won the majority of customers favor and support. This exhibition, we show on the basis of the original, with better performance, innovative research and development of faster, more stable tape machine, machine, online testing machine, parallel robot and other intelligent devices.

          The 31 light environment

          In the process of demonstration, separation and taping, by virtue of good reputation in customers and high automation of field equipment, high performance display has attracted a batch of exhibitors from related industries into the booth for consultation and understanding

          The 31 light environment

          In the exhibition, through the communication with customer to understand, the 31 light customer acquisition for optical encoder needs more equipment, this is our research direction. We have been moving in with smart devices to create greater value for customers, to become the world's leading intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises.