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        1. Stock code:834220
          SY-1601 Automatic hardware sheet tape machine
          Applicable parts: hardware, stretching pieces, forming parts, stamping parts, etc.
          Equipment function: the product vibration disk is automatically loaded, the direction is checked, and the appearance is checked and put in the carrier tape.
          Model: SY - 1601
          Size: 840 * 1710 * 1240 mm
          Weight: 300 kg
          Capacity: 60K/H (different material speed is different, actual speed is based on material)
          Feeding mode: automatic feeding
          Pressure: 0.5 MPa
          Power: 800 w

          The precision vibration disc is fast, the rotating disk structure, the material, the appearance detection simultaneously, the efficiency is high.
          Each product is determined by image detection and direction, and the detection is more accurate to ensure the appearance quality.
          High automation, with a set of automatic cutting belt, easy to operate, one person can see multiple devices at the same time.