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        1. Stock code:834220
          SY-1602 Fully automatic cutting and taping machine
          Applicable parts: continuous material products, such as shrapnel, gasket, RF radio frequency seat, connector, etc.
          Equipment function: cut off the product from the continuous material strip, and then put it into the carrier tape after the image detection.
          Model: SY - 1602
          Size: 840 * 1710 * 1240 mm
          Weight: 300 kg
          Capacity: 40K/H (different material speed, actual speed is based on material)
          Feeding mode: automatic feeding
          Pressure: 0.5 MPa
          Power: 800 w
          Automatic continuous feeding, cutting, detection, braid, saving labor, high efficiency.
          Each product is inspected by image to ensure the appearance quality.
          High automation, with a set of automatic cutting belt, easy to operate, one person can see multiple devices at the same time.