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        1. Stock code:834220
          SY2 Sorting and Tape with a one-piece machine
          Applicable parts: smd-led: PCB, EMC, ceramic ball head, infrared uv, etc.
          Equipment function: automatic feeding, the selection and knitting tape synchronized.
          Model: SY2
          Size: 1420*750*1100mm (operating platform height) 1420*750*1900mm (complete machine height)
          Weight: 300 kg
          Capacity: 60K/H (different material speed is different, actual speed is based on material)
          Feeding mode: automatic feeding
          Pressure: 0.5 MPa
          Power: 800 w
          Highly integrate, save cost, reduce space, improve production efficiency.
          Reduce the production process, reduce the unit energy consumption by 35%, avoid the occurrence of mixtures, and save the transfer cost.
          Without the expected cylinder, the product can be directly braided, reduce the operation, and avoid the damage of the product.
          Machine 3, speed smart match. Can be divided into a whole, can also be used separately by the optical machine and braiding machine.