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          Appearance test machine
          • SY6 Taping inspection machine

            High performance CCD image detection system, support double-sided detection (for transparent carrier), ensure the quality of product testing.
            Adjustable track, can be compatible with a variety of width belt, ensure the quality of testing and easy to operate.
            Equipped with the anti-band function, the forward appearance inspection is completed, automatic reverse feeding.
            Automatic labeling function, detection of NG products, automatic labeling labeling.
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          • SY6-1 Online appearance detector

            With high speed image, it can match the speed of the previous working process, the on-line detection, the efficiency is high.
            Counting and statistics function, can record, alarm or mark after checking NG.
            The compatibility design, can deal with many types of common, change the model fast and convenient.
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          • SY5 Appearance inspection machine

            Using rotary mechanism, it is reliable and efficient, convenient and convenient.
            High permeability glass rotary table, the maximum extent to reduce the influence of glass on the test results.
            High performance CCD imaging system to ensure the quality of product testing.
            With high performance servo motor drive, Angle positioning precision, reliable continuous work.
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